The owners of the shoppe, UK Gourmet, are Lisa and Nigel
Whitmore. Lisa (formerly Lisa Payne) was born in Connecticut and
has lived in Bethel most of her life. Nigel was born and raised in
Gloucester, England. He has two children who still live there. Nigel's
daughter, Kay, has two young children of her own, and his son, Mark,
plays rugby at Nigel's former club the Cryptains. Lisa and Nigel met
when he was visiting the states for his sister's wedding.
Soon after he moved to Connecticut, and they were married two years
later in 2000, on a cruise to Bermuda with family and friends. Nigel
started his own construction business, "Nigel Whitmore Construction,"
and Lisa worked in retail for 15 years. They are now living in their
home in Bethel. Nigel, who enjoys cooking, missed many British
goodies, like bangers and Stilton cheese. He soon had Lisa enjoying
some British delicacies as well. Since these and other specialty food
items were so difficult to find, they decided to open their own British
grocery store.
UK Gourmet opened its doors on August 12, 2003. Since they opened
they have met many members of the surrounding towns who are from
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales or have visited the UK and have
fallen in love with it. The reception has been brilliant, and the future
for Lisa, Nigel and UK Gourmet looks bright! They are enjoying their
new store and are looking forward to meeting more UK food
Team UKG
Meet our neigbours in Taunton Plaza
Meet who we advertise with & the Irish Festival we vendor at!
Meet Some of our Bakers and Butchers
Meet our chambers that we are part of!
CT Daughters of the
British Empire's
Lisa's Aunt's Restaurant in Florida.
Say Hi to Chef Betsy and her hubby
Big Joe for her!! Her Blue Cheese
Dressing is amazing.
Above: Mahi Mahi
Above: Bacon Cheddar Burger
Below Bacon & Blue Cheese with
Peanut Butter Mash Potatoes
Left: Strawberry Salad
Below: Honey Garlic Wings with
Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing
Above: Peanut Butter Pie
Above Bacon & Blue
Cheese Mash Potato
Right: Honey Garlic Wings
with Homemade Blue
Cheese Dressing
E-MAIL Lisa at
147 Mt Pleasant Rd
Newtown, CT 06470
I-84, Exit 9 to Route 6 W
Call or text us
Article From 2003
CT Magazine
Tues, Thurs, -Sat 9:30-5:30
Wed & Fri 9:30-7pm
Christmas Eve 9:30-4