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Stop Hershey's legal action
against British chocolate
Hershey thinks that British chocolate importers are deceiving
the American public by stocking their shelves
, of what are
largely British specialty stores
, with things from across the
pond. They believe this tricks consumers into thinking the
chocolates they are buying are manufactured by Hershey's USA.

However, people who buy British Cadbury's are seeking British
chocolate and candy because it reminds them of home and the
varieties available overseas are extensive. The chocolate
selection available in the states versus across the pond is
extremely different.

The United States of America is home to numerous Brits. The
nostalgic feeling one gets when simply biting into a British
chocolate bar is part of the reason people look for the
Cadbury's chocolate he or she grew up with. When people go to
a specialty British store or walk into the international aisle,
they fully intend on purchasing British goods. They are
completely aware of their decision.

Not only is the packaging of the products completely different,
but the ingredients used differ as well. In regards to health, the
chocolate and candy recipes used overseas often use real
sugar, milk, natural flavourings, non-gmos, and no

Stop Hershey's from infringing upon our freedom of choice in
purchasing chocolate!
Hershey's Stock is dropping and because of the bad press. So
lets keep the pressure on them as much as possible.
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Sign the Petition!!
Sign OUR Petition!!
We want our British & Irish Chocolates!!