UKG Cheeses that we normally carry but that are currently unavailable:

Flavoured Cheese
Thai Curry  coriander, turmeric, salt, allspice, ginger, fenugreek, garlic, pepper, cumin,  bay leaves

Subtle Cheese
Blarney Castle  reminiscent of a fine, young, Dutch Gouda
Colliers Easy Mellow Welsh Cheddar   5-6 months, well rounded mellow flavour
 12 months, firm yet creamy texture, a distinct nuttiness and sweet apple notes

Goat & Sheep Cheese
Lord of the Hundreds: Sheep***  strong, slightly sweet, grassy, nutty finish, not overly salty
Rachel by White Lake: Goat***   pebbly dusty white mold rind, brine washed, savory-slightly sweet & nutty, aged in a cheese cloth in a basket to take the
basket’s shape

  3 mos, hard pressed, natural rind, medium, creamy, caramel flavour, rich, nutty finish
  Aged 3 months,  moist, hard pressed, dry, grate-able, mildly acidic med bodied aged in a cheese cloth and basket to take the basket’s

Sharp Cheese
Double Gloucester  dry, crumbly, 2 milking's daily, full flavor cheddar, as sharp as Cheshire
Little Black Bomber
 extra mature cheddar, creamy, smooth
Old Smales (AKA Old Winchester)
14 months, Gouda-style, hint of Parmesan & cheddar, full flavor, an underlying sweetness, crystalline finish that crunches
on the tongue

Stinking Bishop
 wash rind ripened in pear juice, runny, very strong
18 months, Devon, aged extra mature cheddar
Westminster Farmhouse  10 months, smooth, hints of grassiness, fruity notes
Westminster Sharp  
12 months, smooth, creamy, medium sharp
Westminster Vintage
 15 months, salt crystals, creamy, strong-savory, not over powerful
Wyfe of Bath -Organic  
Gouda-style, semi hard, nutty, creamy, aged in cloth lined baskets

Blue Cheese
Blue Stilton -In a Crock (Seasonal)    Best Stilton of the season
Mature Blue Stilton   full rich, creamy, natural crinkly brown crust, aged longer
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