United Kingdom Cheeses From: England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales       
Blue Cheese
Blacksticks Blue: 2 months aged, creamy & tangy, strong
Cashel Blue: extra creamy, medium strong
Cornish Blue  ***super creamy, slightly pungent rind that doesn't permeate the cheese, strong
Huntsman: layered-Blue Stilton & Double Gloucester
Mature Blue Stilton: full rich, creamy, natural crinkly brown crust, aged longer
Shropshire Blue: Cheshire base, cheddary, strong
Stilton in a Crock: Best Stilton of the season     SEASONAL
Stilton-Colston Bassett: smooth, creamy, complex flavor, crumbly, pungently strong
Stilton-Long Clawson: has a sharp, tangy flavour becoming creamier as it matures
Stilton-Tuxford & Tebbutt: creamy, rich complex flavours, pungently strong
Flavoured Cheese
Amber Mist: mature cheddar laced with whisky
Beechwood: Naturally smoked creamy mature Cheddar
Black Mountain: semi-soft, & very creamy, garlic, herbs, white wine
Caramelized Onion: blended into a creamy mature English cheddar
Cheddar & Claret: smooth texture, wine, medium
Cotswold: Double Gloucester blended w/chives & onion blended, creamy
Dubliner with Irish Stout: hard pressed, cheddar, Swiss, parmigiano reggiano
Elderberry: semi-soft, blended with elderberry wine, medium
Fiery Spice: Aged, green & red bell peppers, green & red chili peppers, crushed chili & garlic
Ginger Spice: medium cheddar with chunks of stem ginger
Green Thunder: creamy mature cheddar with garlic & garden herbs
Harlech: semi-soft & very creamy, horseradish & parsley, warm
Harissa:  sharp, roasted chili peppers, toasted cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, garlic
Porter (Guinness): semi-soft, blended with real Porter (beer), medium
Port Wine Derby: smooth, creamy marbled with a delicate Port infusion, blackcurrant undertones
Quicke’s Oak Smoked Cheddar: aged cheddar smoked using oak chips from their farm
Red Devil: red Leicester with chillies & crushed pepper
Red Dragon: semi-soft &  very creamy, mustard seed, Welsh brown ale, spicy
Ruby Mist: Mature Cheddar laced with Port and Brandy
Red Storm: flavorful Red Leicester aged for 18 months
Sage Derby: mi;d, smooth, semi-soft, blended w/ sage leaves
Sommerdale Smoked Cheddar: smoked cheddar, perfect with a beer
Sticky Toffee: Rich and dense, brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg
Thai Curry: coriander, turmeric, salt, allspice, ginger, fenugreek, garlic, pepper, cumin,  bay leaves  
Ticker Chilles & Peppers: Taw Valley's Extra Mature chillies & peppers, HOT, great melter
Ticker Red Onion: Taw Valley's Extra Mature Cheddar with red onions, great melter
Tintern: semi-soft, & very creamy, chives & shallots
Il Truffelino Cheddar with Truffles: creamy texture of classic English Cheddar with the flavor of Black Summer Truffle
Wensleydale-Flavoured: clean, mild, slightly sweet flavor with a honeyed and lemony aftertaste
Cherry- Apricot-Cranberries -Chocolate & Orange- Lemon- Mango & Ginger- Pear& Apple  
Windsor Red: semi soft, blended with port & brandy, medium
Whiskey Cheddar: Irish whiskey, medium-You Can See The Whiskey Veins
White Stilton: blended w/ fruit-cheesecake texture very mild base -  apricot  or blueberry
or cranberry or lemon or  ginger or mango & ginger, pear & apple, date & orange
Sharp Cheese
Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar: creamy cheese savory & naturally sweet notes
Butlers Mature: firm, slightly pungent, nutty overtones ,aged 12-18 months
Cheshire: aged 2-3 months classic cheddar, slightly tang
Coastal: rich and sharp with balances of sweet and salty notes
Collier’s: aged 20 months ,powerful taste, crunchy salt crystals, sweet, savory
Dorset Drum English Farmhouse Cheddar-14oz: sweet, tangy, traditional, medium
Dubliner: hard pressed, cheddar, Swiss, Parmigianino Regigianino
Five Counties or called Saxonshire: Five famous Cheddars all layered into one
Derby, Red Leicester,  White Cheshire, Double Gloucester, Caerphilly
Humming Bark by Carrigbyrne: Not for the meek, wrapped & aged in spruce bark, rich, strong, washed rind cheese, hints of
resin subtly permeate from the bark, with a sweet and almost fruity finish on the palate, pungent
Irish Green Wax (Mature Irish): bitey, strong, aged min 12 months
Ivy Vintage Reserve: rich flavor and sharp tang followed by a lasting mellowness, 15 months aged
Kerrygold Aged Cheddar: aged  2 yrs very sharp bite & full flavor
Lancashire: crumbly, dry, slightly tangy
Little Black Bomber: Extra Mature Cheddar, Creamy & smooth
Mature Coolea: 6 months aged gouda, full flavor, medium
Mull of Kintyre: aged  9 months, honey sweetness, full, rich, sharp
Quickie’s Mature: full bodied, slightly pungent, buttery, very sharp, cheese cloth aged 12 months
Red Leicester: slightly nutty flavoured cheddar
Stinking Bishop: ripened in pear juice, runny, very strong with a pungent edge
Tickler: Devon, aged extra mature cheddar for 18 months
Tipperary Irish Mature Cheddar: Aged for one year, full flavour and really sharp
Vintage Irish Cheddar: aged  2 years, full flavour and nice sharp bite
Wexford Mature Cheddar: aged  12 months, Buttery flavor, from South of Dublin
Wyfe of Bath Organic, Gouda-style cheese, this Succulent, nutty and creamy, this semi-hard, organic cheese
is reminiscent of buttercups and summer meadows. It is made by placing the curd in cloth lined
baskets, it retains the basket shape and has a soft light caramel color.    
Subtle Cheese
Blarney Castle: reminiscent of a fine, young, Dutch Gouda
Caerphilly: young, fresh, slightly salty, buttery, crumbly
Colliers Easy Mellow Welsh Cheddar: aged five to six months and has the same great taste as Colliers but not a powerful
Double Gloucester: 2 milkings daily, full flavor cheddar
Wensleydale: lemony, sweet & firm, cheddar
Goat & Sheep Cheese
Delamere Goat Cheddar: smooth & savory, matured for three and six months, giving it a pronounced cheddary flavour
Rachel by White Lake: Goat***: pebbly dusty white mold rind, brine washed, savory-slightly sweet& nutty
Spenwood-Sheep:*** hard pressed, natural rind, medium, slightly flaky, creamy, sweet caramel flavour,
rich, nutty with a tiny finish, aged 3 months
Ticklemore-Goat: hard pressed, dry, grate-able, mildly acidic med bodied Aged 3 months
*** = Unpasteurized: Unpasteurized or blue cheeses are not recommended for women in pregnancy
Cheese Cloth Bound
Sheep's Milk
Goat's Milk
Wash Rind
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